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Orlando solar companies

Parallel solar

The firm has installed many residential solar energy systems and has managed to offset many tons of carbon emissions. Parallel Solar hires skilled employees to perform a broad range of services such as system installation and customization, property evaluation, and battery installation so clients can store excess generated energy.

This Orlando solar company serves only Florida in the country and can help residents of major cities like Orlando. Parallel Solar enjoys being able to help people save money both after and during the transition to solar energy. Its professionals can help interested individuals find as many rebates and tax incentives as possible to help pay for installation. People can also register for long-lasting warranties on workmanship to preserve their roofs and panels.

Orlando is in the perfect placement for Orlando solar companies

Due to the 233 sunny days that Orlando homeowners experience year on average, solar energy is a practical choice for reducing energy costs. Solar panels also reduce your carbon impact and offer tax rebates on top of these savings.

It’s wise to think about what clean energy programs you qualify for and take advantage of tax benefits or rebates when considering installing a solar energy system in your home. Additionally, you must determine if you want to participate in net metering with the Orlando Utilities Commission.

Solar cooperatives: A solar cooperative enables a group of people to pool their resources in order to buy solar panels at a reduced cost. A nonprofit organization called The Solar United Neighbors of Florida offers technical support and neighborhood. For more info visit parallel solar.

How much can an Orlando solar company save you?

According to Energy Sage, the typical cost of installing solar panels in Orlando is between $10,000 and $15,000 before incentives and rebates. However, if you account for the federal investment tax credit and local incentives, the final cost may be thousands less. To ensure you’re getting the best value possible on your solar panels, it’s a good idea to request quotations from at least three different businesses. If you are unable to pay in full up front, financing and lease alternatives are also offered.

why choose an Orlando solar company?

Although you may install solar panels yourself, it is preferable to have a professional solar company in Orlando do it. Expert Orlando solar companies know how to position panels to maximum efficiency and can determine whether your roof is strong enough to sustain a solar system. Typically, solar panels should be placed so that they face south and can take in the most direct sunshine.

If you select an installation business, its staff members ought to be able to guide you through zoning and permission processes. See the Orange County permit checklist and pricing schedule for rooftop solar PV systems for more details. To learn more about how much solar costs in Orlando, click here.